Access control is the answer when fewer bobbies on the beat

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falling police numbersThe number of police on street patrol would be reduced in the wake of the government’s public sector spending cuts, one of Britain’s most senior police officers warned. “Sadly we will lose people,” Sir Hugh Orde said ahead of his speech to the association’s annual conference. On BBC Radio 4, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers Sir Hugh said that some services will have to be reduced, adding: “Our role is to make sure they are the less critical ones, the nice-to-do things rather than the essential-to-do things.” This was his reaction to governmental departments’ trimming of 25 per cent to order to reduce the deficit.

If your site or business is worried about falling police numbers, Access Control UK technologies supply and install state of the art smart card and biometric Time and Attendance and Visitor Monitoring systems. The smart cards, which do not require physical contact with the scanners, allow the fastest throughput available for your staff whilst keeping out unauthorised personnel. The modular system can control all manner of electronic barriers at your premises, and is PC compatible to give you all sorts of software reports such as email alerts when an access point is illegally triggered.

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