CCTV can be added to access control to protect your business

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bogus £20 bills gang was captured on camera CCTVStaff members in South Devon are believed to be the latest victims of a group of men who have been targeting a series of stores in the area with bogus £20 bills. The workers at the Plymouth supermarket later discovered they had hundreds of pounds worth of fake notes from a customer. Investigators believe one of the gang was captured on camera and hope he can assist them with their inquiries. If the public know anything the police urge them to call, or to phone Crimestoppers anonymously.

Suitable for any organisation, the Lite / Enterprise range from Access Control UK is capable of controlling a security network across borders and even continents. Access Lite.NET or Enterprise.NET can integrate with other systems such as CCTV or visitor monitoring to comprise a comprehensive protection scheme for your business. The system is operated by contactless smart cards where access is granted or denied instantly. It can operate physical security devices and there is no limit on the number of employees registered.

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