Contactless smart card scanner entry guarantees a consistent read range

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Association of Chief Police Officers stolen scrap security facility Access Control UK network Contactless smart cards or key fobs operate Reliable RF (radio frequency) technology access control scannersThe government has said it is working with the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) to come up with a plan to tackle the problem of stolen scrap. The high cost of scrap materials, especially copper, is thought to be driving the spate of thefts. A man is in a critical condition after the latest incident in the early hours of Saturday (November 12) at a substation in the West Midlands.

Improve security at your facility with an Access Control UK network. Contactless smart cards or key fobs are used to operate your access control system. Reliable RF (radio frequency) technology is used to power your access control scanners guaranteeing a consistent read range even if the card or fob is to be read through a wallet or purse. Each smart card is assigned to an individual employee and can be affixed with a bespoke label denoting the name and photograph of the employee along with any other details you wish to have printed.

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