Contactless smart cards allow the tracking of employee movements across a premises

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bravery public recent riots West Midlands Police Access Control security devices businesses Contactless smart cards key fobs access control system scanner A police force is asking for acts of bravery by members of the public during the recent riots to be recognised. The force wants nominations to be put forward to reward the efforts of shopkeepers and residents who helped tackle criminality. A statement from West Midlands Police said: "We have heard a lot of stories where members of the public rallied round to help officers or their own community – very much pulling together at a time of need."

Access Control UK specialise in security devices and systems to protect businesses from criminality. Contactless smart cards or key fobs are used to operate your access control system. Each smart card is assigned to an individual employee and can be affixed with a bespoke label denoting the name and photograph of the employee along with any other details you wish to have printed. Each attempted access on a scanner is logged within the access control software allowing you to view and track employees’ movements across your site.

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