Control most standard internal and external door releases with secure scanner unit

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attempted murder police taxi emergency services Access Lite Access Control UK reliable range of Windows™ based products for secure door control access point scanners fingerprint readersA 28 year-old man was arrested on Tuesday night (March 27) on suspicion of attempted murder, said police. The incident happened in a busy part of the city centre in Cardiff where there was a collision between a taxi and a group of men. One man was sent to hospital with severe burns afterwards. South Wales Police has appealed for witnesses and the area was temporarily cordoned off to traffic while the emergency services were in attendance.

Access Lite is the latest in Access Control UK’s reliable range of Windows™ based Access Control products for secure door control. With Access Lite and the T149x scanners, you can control most standard types of internal and external door releases. A variety of access devices can be connected via the T8424 scanner control unit. This is the unit to which all Access Control equipment within your network is connected. Each T8424 scanner controller can have combinations of up to two T149x access point scanners or fingerprint readers.

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