Create wide range of access control profiles for higher security areas

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business organisation urging firms to liaise with policeA business organisation is urging firms to liaise with their local police authority in order to fight crime. “Many small businesses are run by members of the local community so it is important that those communities and small businesses themselves have confidence that the police are willing to act when crimes are reported,” stated the Federation of Small Businesses. “We would encourage any small business to work with their local police authority if they feel they are not getting the policing service they deserve.”

Investing in simple, effective security measures will cost less over the long run if they thwart attempted thefts or burglaries from your premises. An Access Control UK smart card access control network will control your car park barriers,turnstiles, site entrance gates, roller doors or almost any other mechanism that provides physical security. A wide range of access control profiles can be created to suit higher security areas, and these profiles can vary their settings minute by minute. A near real time display shows which doors are being opened and shows the alarm status.

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