Digital cameras give wide angle or close security coverage to premises

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Access Control UK security metal thefts premises Digital CCTV camera surveillance Smart Card Systems Body CamerasThe Government says it still sees the need for legal changes to combat metal crime after rejecting a bill in Parliament. The proposed legislation received parliamentary support at the time but on Friday was rejected after ministers declared their objection. A government spokesman said it supports the aims of the bill, believing legislation is needed for a sustainable, long-term solution to “the growing menace of metal theft,” adding it had stepped up law enforcement.

Access Control UK’s security expertise can prevent metal or other thefts occurring at your premises. Digital CCTV camera surveillance can be added to our Access Control Smart Card Systems to give blanket security coverage and the means to monitor movement within a specific area. Digital CCTV Body Cameras deliver high quality images and are available from major manufacturers. Body cameras require a lens to be attached to them and this allows you to choose the best lens for your needs, whether wide angle or if the subject is closer.

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