Hook up digital body surveillance cameras to a security network

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surveillance footage tracing Detectives security Access Control UK specialists network digital CCTV cameras covert indoor outdoor stationary moving lensIn an emotional plea a grandmother urged a missing girl to “come home”. After speaking on LBC radio, Christine Sharp hoped the interview would bring about the return of Tia Sharp and is pinning hopes on surveillance footage successfully tracing her. Detectives hunting for Tia are currently sifting through hours of CCTV footage for a clue to her location. Police have spoken to the family and some of the friends of Tia, who has never gone missing before.

Whatever your firm’s security requirements, Access Control UK specialists are available to help you get the best from your system. We can hook up to your network digital CCTV security and surveillance cameras that can be obvious or covert, indoor or outdoor, stationary or moving, monochrome or colour. Among these are digital CCTV body cameras. These require a lens to be attached to them and generally have to be bought separately, but this allows you to choose the best lens for your needs.

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