Indoor and outdoor half height turnstiles most effective for low security areas

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toilets damage graffiti Access Control UK barrier and turnstile entry at commercial or public premises Half height turnstiles controlling access reception areas low security areasContinued use of beach toilets is uncertain due to the amount of damage and graffiti on the walls of the building. This was the view of the Community Council of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, which had to close the conveniences a month early as the writing on the walls was so bad it was not suitable for families viewing it. As well as graffiti on the outside in black marker pen, there was interior damage to the cubicle walls.

Access Control UK stocks a number of different barrier and turnstile styles for entry by either members of the public or for staff at commercial or public premises. Half height turnstiles are ideal for controlling access in environments such as reception areas, toilets, and libraries. They are a customer-friendly option and provide an unobtrusive method of controlling flow to certain areas of your premises. Half height turnstiles can be installed for both indoor and outdoor use and are most effective for low security areas.

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