Intuitive software maintains control of doors and locks across a site network

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raid robbery Crown Court Access Control UK Windows™ based security products software multiple combinations of access patterns employee movements accurately monitored doors barriers site networkA man accused of being involved in a raid said he was 100 miles away. Imran Mostafa, a civil engineering student, told a jury that at the time the robbery at a jewellers in Norfolk took place he was in London. The 20-year-old said he was in fact teaching Arabic and the Koran at a community centre, and told Norwich Crown Court: “I am not a thief. I am not an armed robber.” The hearing continues.

The Access suite of software is the latest in Access Control UK’s proven range of Windows™ based security products. It provides quick and easy access to information, and is incredibly intuitive to use. The access control software has been designed so that multiple combinations of access patterns and rules can be programmed into the system to function alongside each other, with the result that all of your employees’ movements are accurately monitored and analysed. The software can maintain control of doors, barriers and locks across a site network.

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