New Queen’s Terminal at Heathrow set to open in June

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The brand new Queen’s Terminal at Heathrow airport is set to officially open on 4 June 2014 following 5 years of redevelopment work, a news release in the local business media has revealed.

Apart from the main Terminal 2 building, the new terminal will also include a monumental new sculpture by artist Richard Wilson RA, a 1,340-space car park and an energy centre and cooling station.

The project is even more impressive considering the fact that all of its funding has been secure from private sources. Over the course of the construction phase, it has already provided jobs for approximately 35,000 people.

John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow Development Director, said: "Terminal 2 has been designed with the passenger at the heart. Building on the success of Terminal 5, it will bring together technology, architecture and human touches.

"Our goal is to make every journey better for our passengers and bringing together 25 airlines in this light and airy space is just one more step in the transformation of Heathrow."

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