Role-based Access Control (RBAC) from Access Control UK may streamline access control across the healthcare segment

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Role-based Access Control (RBAC) is quite an interesting approach to the field of access control solutions, especially since it can seriously streamline the entire access control process within a large number of institutions, including here the ones from the healthcare industry.

The complex nature of the healthcare system in quite a lot of countries (and especially the UK) can lead to certain situations when employees have to be granted access to various areas pertaining to the same hospital or trusts, often not found on the same site.

The shift pattern also varies greatly, depending on the nature of the rotas created within every hospital. Moreover, the staff’s access to very specific areas has also the be thoroughly regulated, depending on their specific rights and job descriptions. Access to the patients’ specific records has also be carefully supervised, given the very sensitive nature of the respective information.

The biggest challenge in this process is to develop a working procedure that will enable HR departments to assign specific access rights to staff members in a very fast, easy and secure manner, depending directly on their roles and the access rights associated to each of the respective roles.

And this is exactly where Access Control UK comes into play, given the fact that our advanced software enables the very fast and easy recording of access rights for users.

In fact, our Time and Attendance and Access Control hardware and software suites combine the requirements of Time and Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Monitoring, and Identification Pass production, with our fast Smart Card and Biometrics electronics, to create the ultimate Time Management and Security system.

Within hours of WinTA.NET being installed it can dramatically improve your HR Management and Security with features that provide you with total control over your operation. All the features to manage time and attendance recording for up to 50 people with comprehensive User-Definable Working Patterns, Rosters, Shifts, Individual and Group Absence Planners.

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