Scanners can be mounted next to barriers enabling quick set up of security network

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computer equipment stolen Smart Card based Access Control solutions for all types of business security network radio frequencyPolice are trying to track down almost £1,000 of computer equipment was stolen from a parked lorry. The vehicle was stationary in Falkirk, Scotland, when the printer cartridges were taken. The products were destined for the Italian market and officers stated that they may have Italian writing on the site if anyone is offered the products for sale they are asked to contact their local police station.

This incident demonstrates how vulnerable lorries can be in locations where security is inadequate. Access Control UK supplies Smart Card based Access Control solutions for all types of business or office, including your car parking facilities. Your access control scanners can be mounted next to your barriers or turnstiles enabling you to quickly set up a security network. The T1481 scanner (pictured) uses RF, or radio frequency, technology to read your smart card and grant access. Unaffected by most external conditions, this type of access control scanner has similar dimensions to a standard light switch.

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