Shops can install low cost access control for a single door

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robber worker injuries suspect Police Shops stores retail facilities low cost Access Control UK Smart Card unit for doors car park barriers turnstiles security door accessA robber opened fire in a shop, damaging products, but fortunately no one was seriously hurt. The shop worker, a male, was left with minor head injuries when bottles were broken. The suspect is described as a white male and about 6ft tall. He was wearing a grey ‘hoodie’ top, dark tracksuit bottoms and a grey ski mask. Police officers were called to the store at about 20:30 BST on Friday and since then an arrest has been made.

Shops, stores and retail facilities can install low cost access control from Access Control UK. The T351x range is the ultimate Smart Card Access Control unit for doors, car park barriers and turnstiles. The T351x range achieves the same standard of security throughout, whether it’s a single door up to a four door system controller. It starts from a price of just £119 for the controller and software, which represents the best door access security you can buy for the money.

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