Smart card software would prevent World Cup trespass incident

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World CupA football supporter was arrested for trespass when he reached the England World Cup dressing room unchallenged. Pavlos Joseph, 32, said later he found himself in the changing room after being given wrong directions at the Green Point stadium where he says he met former England soccer captain David Beckham. He said he told Beckham following the disappointing Algeria draw: "David, we’ve spent a lot of money getting here. This is a disgrace. What are you going to do about it?"

It would be almost impossible for incidents such as these to occur under an access control system from Access Control UK. Our leading smart card and biometric systems and software, which are suitable for both large and small companies, are high tech methods at low prices of barring unauthorised personnel. The T3510 is a Scanner Controller complete with the latest .NET PC based Access Control software. Linked together, it can control up to 128 doors from one PC and accommodates up to 10,000 smart card holders. The card’s badge does not need to be removed from a wallet or purse to be used.

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