Software audit trail shows who gained access or was denied at any building location at any time

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software controlling access to areas or buildings  monitoring Door barrier audit trail Scottish policingA think-tank is pushing for the radical extension of new local divisions in new plans for Scottish policing. The new forces, each overseen by a chief constable, would be further divided into command areas serving larger regions. The report, Striking the Balance by Reform Scotland, wants police chiefs accountable to local communities. It also says: “Strengthening the role of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency will mean that there is greater capacity for providing co-ordinating and supporting roles from the centre."

Using Access Control UK’s software you can be assured that you will receive a simple to use, highly secure way of controlling access to areas or buildings, as well as monitoring who is present 24 hours a day. Door or barrier access can be limited depending on the person’s roll call status. An audit trail shows who gained access (or was denied) at any location at any time is one of its many features. The system’s Hardware Device Manager allows easy adding and editing of hardware device profiles.

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