Strong magnetic door release incorporates forced entry detection

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Cathays thefts WalesHow would your company cope if your site was smack in the middle of a district where three crimes occur a day? That has been the case in the past three years on some of Cardiff’s main streets. Official stats, which revealed the top 20 streets in the city where the highest number of incidents have occurred, showed some figures reaching 1,600 in a 12-month period. Among the major category of offences was theft. Cathays councillor Simon Wakefield said: “Obviously, in the busy city centre, there are often opportunities for thefts.”

Installing an Access Control UK T3512 smart card door access system is just the beginning to providing your organisation with a platform and route for installing other products such as digital CCTV. The system includes a magnetic door release lock, the Tensor LOCK5. This is a world-class device for securing a door using a magnetic door release. Very strong and beautifully designed, it incorporates forced entry detection and green and red LED lamps to provide visual verification the unit is working.

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