Updating one’s Access Control System Causes Little Disruption, Security Industry Believes

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Although upgrading a company’s access control system might seem a daunting task that’s likely to bring about significant disruptions to daily operations, the consensus across the security industry is that such a process is either ‘somewhat disruptive’ or brings ‘very little disruption’, a recent report has been able to suggest.

The “Access Control Report 2016: Legacy Infrastructure and Motivations for Upgrading” IFSEC Global survey, published in partnership with HID Global, explains how opinions were mixed as to whether upgrading their access-control solution would be disruptive to daily business or not, with a majority anticipating that it would be ‘somewhat disruptive’, 31% saying there would be ‘very little disruption’ (31%) and just 16% opting for ‘very disruptive’.

One respondent said they had found upgrading “somewhat disruptive to business activities” but indicated that it was worth the short-term inconvenience as it boosted “efficiency”.

“Access control upgrades can be managed with minimal disruption if a phased approach is considered and installation times are scheduled when a site is used less.”, the report’s authors believe.

“ In addition, multi-technology readers and cards can make the upgrade path easy and non-disruptive for a business. On-site administrator training is required to operate the new head-end software (in case this part of the system is upgraded)” they added.

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