£3.2m tennis development will need a reliable, yet affordable access control system

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Andrew Castle, a former British No.1 tennis player and TV presenter, has announced plans to start a £3.2m project for building tennis facilities in Grantham, a news report has revealed.

The development will include an indoor tennis centre with four indoor acrylic courts, a social lounge, cafe, gym, changing facilities, treatment rooms, office and indoor and outdoor viewing areas. There will also be four artificial grass courts, four mini red hard courts and five artificial clay courts outside.

Funding for the project has come from a Grantham business and from the Lawn Tennis Association, which has provided £1m for the project in grants and loans.

Naturally, such an ambitious project, who will certainly be of public interest for tennis lovers, has to be equipped with a very solid and reliable access control solution, and this is exactly where the solutions designed by Access Control UK come into play.

Depending on specific requirements, our Access Control Systems can operate up to 31 clocking stations, each of which can have up to twelve scanner controllers attached to it – in effect, the system can control access to 372 different areas of any site. Door access can be limited by the access control software, which controls the access profile of each employee who is enrolled on the system via their fire roll call status.

Both smart card and biometric access control scanners can be combined on the same network, giving you full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time of day. Sensitive or dangerous areas can easily be denied to those who do not have the appropriate security clearance.

The access control software running the system has been designed so that multiple combinations of access patterns and rules can be programmed into the system to function alongside each other, with the result that all of your employees’ movements are accurately monitored and analysed.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of products provided by Access Control UK, just contact our dedicated team, they’ll be more than happy to provide every bit of information you might need.

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