Access Control includes photographic recognition and visitor checking

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used false passport for seven years Access Control visitor checkingA deception involving a false passport meant a woman passed herself off as someone else undetected for seven years. The ruse of Qamar Yasmeen was only rumbled when the woman whose documents were used renewed her passport at the Passport Services offices in Liverpool in July last year. Staff found that a passport had been issued with Yasmeen’s photograph and address. Yasmeen was jailed for more than a year after being found guilty of possessing false ID documents.

Access Control UK’s range of systems handle everything you would expect from a top quality access control security system. This includes photographic recognition and checking of employees, visitors and contractors as well as simple interfacing to our other systems of Attendance Monitoring, Visitor Control and Personnel. Due to the increasing demand for bundled ID card systems, Tensor have put together a range of options, guaranteed to suit your business in preventing unauthorised entry. We have three ID card systems available, all of which come complete with upgradable software, enabling your system to grow as your requirements change.

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