Access Control Integratable with Building Energy Management System

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Many village halls across the country are beneficiaries of advanced access control systems that can be integrated with a building energy management system (BEMS) which helps reduce energy bills while ensuring their building is safe and secure.

Kington Langley Village Hall, based in Wiltshire, installed a BEMS in 2013. Dr. Peter Giles, the treasurer of the village hall, said that he “had been looking for some time at bringing heating control into the already installed access control and booking system arrangement but there was nothing out there at the time that offered this sort of diary input” before he came across HeatingSave.

Save money on bills and ensure building security

A building energy management system can integrate access control which enables your business to simultaneously cut heating and energy costs while also being in complete control of who has access to your building, ensuring the maximum level of security for your business and/or building. 

Whether your business has an existing access control system, or it requires a BEMS with integrated access control system, then we have you covered. Should your business require the latter, then our advanced room booking system is the perfect, money-saving, access control solution which works in tandem with your heating system. The room booking system allows users of halls and buildings to rent out various areas of the building and control booking logistics, quotations and payments using a web-based software, while having the ability to grant access to people who have booked and/or paid to hire a room for a specific time. 

Alternatively, should your business require an all-new, technologically advanced, access control system to bolster on-site security measures then look no further. Our smart card access control system, biometric access control system or facial recognition access control system will all ensure the ultimate level of security, depending on your business requirements. 

Access control software for businesses

Access control software plays an integral part in the overall access control system. This is because it is a web-based software that gives you complete access control, from simple door and registration point control, through to a fully computerised global networked access control system. Known as WinAC.NET, you can control most standard types of internal and external electronic, magnetic door releases and devices.

If you would like more information on any of our access control systems, building energy management systems, or if you would like to book a live demo for your business specifically, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team who will be happy to help.

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