Access Control – Not Just About Security

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When you think of an access control system, you think of restricting or controlling people’s ability to move around your site to maintain site security.

However, more than just site security is helped by an access control solution.

The biggest secondary function is improving your company’s ability to provide optimum health and safety procedures for staff and visitors.

Our access control solution combines with other systems to do this in a number of ways:

Protection from Hazardous Areas

Our access profiles mean that you can create group patterns to forbid access to potentially dangerous areas. For example, if you have heavy machinery on site, or areas of extreme temperature, or containing corrosive materials, the last thing that you want is a visitor stumbling into one of these rooms by accident.

You might also find it useful to forbid automatic access to office staff, who may not understand the risks and thus may not appreciate the importance of wearing PPE even if they are only on the site for a few brief minutes. Making sure that only trained staff can open the doors to dangerous areas protects everyone.

Fire roll-call

When your fire alarm is triggered, our central system automatically prompts up to two printers per T8526 Controller to print a list of everyone who is registered as on-site. Your employees register themselves as on or offsite by using a time and attendance system with clocking functionality.

Our access control system enables your chosen doors to open immediately when a fire alarm goes off, regardless of the usual access rules. This means that your employees can quickly head towards their nearest exit.

Checking up on Lone Workers

If you integrate our access control system with a good visitor management system, you can set up email notifications in order to prompt you to check on lone workers. This enables you to mitigate the risks involved in working alone, such as accidents or being attacked.

For more information about the varied functions and usages of our access control system, including smartcard and biometric access, CCTV, facial recognition and visitor management, please get in touch today.

Access Control System

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