Access control software creates alarm messages if a forced entry occurs

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family firm meat stock ransacked software protection of business premises Access Control UK WinACnet creates alarm messages forced entry clear English spoken alerts when doors are openedA family firm has had its meat stock ransacked and children’s presents stolen to complete a miserable Christmas. Richards Family Butchers says it will work around the clock to replace its customers’ orders in time for their Christmas roast. A total of 60 orders’ worth of food was taken in the overnight raid at the Glamorgan site. Police are appealing for witnesses and are warning the public not to buy meat if they do not know where it has come from.

Easy to use Access Control software for the protection of business premises is available from Access Control UK. WinACnet creates alarm messages when predetermined actions take place, or if a forced entry occurs. These alarms are immediately emailed to a specified address. Optionally a warning email can be sent if communications to the PC are lost. Free software upgrades to those with maintenance contracts means the system is always up to date. It delivers clear English spoken alerts when doors are opened.

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