Access control software issues warnings through your PA system

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CPS budget cutsThe Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has told the attorney general’s office its budget cut by a quarter will "damage frontline services" and "delay and possibly deny justice", according to a copy of its draft submission to the Treasury. The Guardian newspaper revealed that the CPS also says the ‘indicative’ 40% reduction the chancellor, George Osborne, is demanding of every Whitehall department would mean "a fundamental change in the government policy on prosecution of criminal offences" if the CPS were not to be in breach of its statutory obligations.

The CPS suggests the cuts in public services and police will have an adverse effect on fighting crime, hence using Access Control UK would be the smart choice. We are leading providers of smart card and biometric systems for both large and small companies. Our systems are versatile: starting from a simple one-clock access control point which controls up to four doors, extra clocking scanners can be added at any stage. The clocking stations use ingenious smart card technology; and the Windows™ based software includes speech annunciation of warnings through your PA system if there are intruders.

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