Access Control system shuts out bogus callers at workplace

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ID fraud workCurrent figures suggest that identity fraud costs the UK £1.7bn a year, and it is the fastest growing white collar crime, so your company is correct to be concerned. A major worry would be clever thieves gaining unauthorised access to your site, whether by posing as bogus workmen or using more direct methods like breaking in. Using Access Control UK (part of the Tensor group), who are leading providers of smart card and biometric systems and software for both large and small companies, you will go a long way to protecting your business against identity fraudsters.

A Windows™ based system, Tensor Access controls your site entrance gates, electronic door locks, and almost any other electronic mechanism that powers a physical security device. A core feature of Access Control UK’s system is simple but state of the art smart card technology, so that access card readers can be located out of sight while providing secure entry for authorised personnel. If the readers are hidden behind brick walls then it is difficult for ID fraudsters to tamper with them if they do not know for sure where they are situated.

The set-up is modular in design, so you can build your access control system to whatever suits your place of work.

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