Access Control Systems – A Must Have for the Safe Reopening of Offices post-COVID

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Access control systems will likely become a must-have for companies keen on ensuring a safe return to the offices for their staff post-COVID, security experts believe.

Organizations planning an orderly and safe return to offices need to determine how long they will have to manage occupancy rates to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus, as well as consider where employees will work and how.

One of the main advantages of using an electronic access control system with full reporting capabilities is that organizations can easily access data for occupancy management.

Ensuring that space doesn’t exceed government thresholds has been important for mitigating the spread of the virus. Moving forward, organizations that are using their access control systems (ACS) for people counting can take advantage of the data they are collecting to help with office management.

By deploying an office management solution that aggregates and analyzes the data from existing electronic access control systems, organizations can leverage what they already own to better understand how employees are using space within their facilities.

Working with pre-set thresholds, this type of solution can determine how frequently an individual comes into the office and how long they stay. Then, with this data presented visually on a dashboard with clear metrics, an organization can get an accurate picture of how their facilities are being used, which can help them achieve a smaller footprint in the future.

For example, an office management solution could compare how many employees are coming into work on different days of the week as well as determine peak days on different floors. With these insights, organizations can determine how many employees require permanent or shared desks to then make informed decisions about how much space they actually need.

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