Access Control UK relies heavily on smart cards and fobs for seamless operation

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Modern clocking and access control systems are a world away from the punch cards and keys of old, with the vast majority relying on fast and reliable smart cards. 

This is also exactly the case with the range of access control solutions developed and supplied by Access Control UK, which rely largely on three types of cards/fobs, namely the T1305 Smart Cards, T1313 smart key fobs and T1318 Mifare Smart Cards.
The T1305 Smart Cards have a new white shell type case and a bevelled edge for simple identification, while each card also contains a passive identifier, which holds a unique factory-encoded ID number that cannot be duplicated.
Optional features include magnetic striping, support for adhesive labels, and also availability in a blue version, blue version, primarily designed for the food industry, where most of the equipment and clothing is white.
Next in line comes the T1313 smart key fob, featuring a grey plastic shell, which is made from implant-quality glass similar to those used in the identification of pets. These key fobs have a smaller aerial than that of a standard smart card and therefore also have a smaller read range, but also pack a keyring slot, as well as a copper coil and soft ferrite core.
The T1313 key fob uses the same technology as that of a smart card giving a consistent read range, which can even operate through a thick layer of oil and grease. Key fobs are often implemented by organisations whose employees require a smaller identification device than that of a smart card.
Last, but certainly not least, come the T1318 Mifare Smart Cards, which are regarded as the most widely installed contactless smart card technology in the world. It is the recommended solution if your access control system requires contactless and dual interface smart cards.
Mifare® offer a reliable, low cost alternative to the standard smart card, and provides on-board memory functionality allowing simple integration with other systems and software.
If you’d like to get some additional information regarding the range of access control solutions developed by Access Control UK, just contact our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.  

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