Access door entry system controls office network across borders and continents

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gang armed raid on a supermarket access control point multi site network of scanners and clocks Access Control door entry control system business or officeA gang who conducted an armed raid on a supermarket have been jailed, with two of them given minimum terms of more than seven years. Preston Crown Court heard how 48-year-old Mark Cain brandished a gun at the supermarket in Preston in March 2010. Cain and his accomplice, Craig Bulger (51) were both given indeterminate sentences with a minimum of seven years. Another member of the gang not connected to the raid was jailed for six years.

From one access control point to a multi-site network of scanners and clocks, an Access Control UK door entry control system is able to efficiently expand as the needs of your business or office change. Suitable for any organisation, the Access Lite / Enterprise range is capable of controlling a network across borders and even continents. Operated by contactless smart cards, access is granted or denied instantly and the system can operate physical security devices. The access control software controls the access profile of each employee who is enrolled on the system.

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