Access system can restrict certain areas of a site using time constraints

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public felt safer in community additional police daily access patterns site access control software employee's security profileA governmental study gave the reasons why the public felt safer in their community. "By putting over 1,000 additional police on the streets, cutting crime rates to the lowest level since the 1970s and by providing proper support for our young people through Cashback for Communities, we are seeing a marked improvement in neighbourhood safety," concluded the Scottish Household Survey. It was changed in 2005 to include reports of harassment, drug misuse and rowdy behaviour, all of which have dropped.

Using Access Control UK’s state of the art software, a wide range of daily access patterns can be created, which can run past midnight, enabling you to restrict certain areas of your site using time constraints. All employees have their own profile entered into the access control software. When an attempt is made to pass through an access point, the scanner will compare that employee’s security profile with the access point’s profile, which is based upon the day and time of day of the attempted access.

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