Adaptable outdoor automatic barriers are able to immediately recognise authorised personnel

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British Metal Recycling Association illegal yards large and small sites Access Control UK highly adaptable automatic car park barriers immediately recognise authorised personnel protect a yard company premises The British Metal Recycling Association (BMRA), an industry body that deals with 95 percent of Britain’s scrap, said it favoured parliamentary rejection of a bill which proposed a no-cash system for scrap yards. Director general of the BMRA Ian Hetherington said: “If you banned cash today, all the regulated business would obviously obey the law, but people who are selling scrap, they’d sell it to illegal yards,” adding: “We’d rather see a good law even if takes a little more time.”

Suitable for both large and small premises, car park barriers from Access Control UK are highly adaptable, can work in any weather, and are able to immediately recognise authorised personnel. They are an ideal way to protect a yard or outdoor area of company premises. The automatic car park barriers have optional extras of a folding arm mechanism, an impact release mechanism and hanging racks or barrier skirts. Each barrier mechanism boasts exceptional durability and delivers longer lasting, problem-free operation.

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