Advanced and secure access control systems are a must for securing modern infrastructure

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Advanced, secure access control systems using the latest technologies are a must for securing modern infrastructure and facilities, as the challenges facing these type of sites become increasingly more complex and difficult to tackle, experts believe.

Any type of intrusion, including low-level ones, can cause nuisance, disruption, damage and loss of assets. At a higher level there is the risk of attack which could result in an interruption of vital services for extended periods, leading to the potential loss of reputation and public confidence.

Access control systems are the best solutions to the type of issues listed above, since, when properly and carefully designed and deployed, can deliver a secure, safe and automated working environment.

A typical access control project scope might encompass the integration of wide-area surveillance; automatic number plate recognition; perimeter and site intrusion protection; access control for people, contractors and vehicles; alarm management; video analytics; fire detection and extinguishing; phased evacuation systems; lone worker monitoring and asset tracking.

This integration of many disciplines provides centralised situational awareness, improved information and intelligence, effective response to critical events and the proper co-ordination of resources. Security operatives are able to accelerate their response to alerts and manage risk before it escalates to a more serious incident.

Access Control UK – delivering superior security and reliability

Access Control UK is the No.1 British designer and manufacturer of smart card – based access control and time and attendance terminals. We supply top-quality, reliable and secure Access Control Systems that adhere to the latest industry standards and have numerous partners and distributors across the world.

You can control most standard types of internal/external electronic door releases and physical security devices such as barriers and turnstiles making full use of location points, whether in full view or hidden out of sight.

Operated by contactless smart cards, key fobs or biometrics, a Tensor Access Control System gives you full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time of any day, placing it at the forefront of security solutions.

Access Control UK systems are modular in design, and have the advanced capability of being able to be adapted and extended to integrate with a time and attendance system seamlessly and without complication.

If you’d like to find out more about the extensive range of access control solutions supplied by Access Control UK , just contact us or Book a Demo, we’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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