Arborfield Garrison redevelopment plans to go before the local council

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Plans to establish a village on Arborfield Garrison, a military base soon to be vacated, and adjoining land, will go before the Wokingham Borough Council, a news report reveals.

The Arborfield Garrison Landowners’ Consortium, comprising the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Aegan Trust Company and Robert Kenyon, represented by Leatherhead-based Wates Developments, plans to create no less than 2,000 residential properties, a 43,000 sq ft foodstore, a care home, a district centre, a primary school, a secondary school and general retail, leisure and office facilities.

In a planning statement sent to Wokingham Borough Council, developers explained what has been put forward, saying that: "The vision for Arborfield is to create a welcoming, enterprising and thoughtfully planned 21st century village, where modern working patterns as well as rural leisure pursuits are accommodated and the area’s unique human and natural heritage is valued."

Quite obviously, such a huge undertaking will involve quite a large number of contractors that will require access to the site. And in order to ensure a very good level of security across the possible Arborfield Garrison redevelopment site, Aegan Trust Company and Wates Developments will have to implement a very solid access control solution, such as the ones delivered by AccessControl UK.

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The systems are easily operated by contactless smart cards, which means that access is granted / denied instantly. Furthermore, the systems can also work with physical security devices and have no limits in terms of the number of employees registered.

Additional extra features worth mentioning include two-factor authentication through biometrics, as well as the fast and easy integration with other systems.

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