Automatic barriers to bar access can be fitted to different road widths

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farming stolen generator Access Control UK bars access to properties gates unauthorised automatic car park barriers different lengths to suit various road widthsThe local farming community and members of the public are being asked to report any sightings of a distinctive stolen generator, including any appearances at local auctions. The diesel generator was taken from a field in Canterbury. The orange and white Argen Hilta DC generator is reported to have been stolen at some period between 4.45pm on Thursday, November 8, and 8.30am the following day.

Access Control UK supplies technology which bars access to properties. The key role of our gates and barriers is to prevent unauthorised access whilst providing minimum inconvenience to those who do have authorised access to your site. Suitable for both large and small premises, car park barriers are highly adaptable, can work in any weather, and are able to immediately recognise authorised personnel. All automatic car park barriers are supplied complete and are ready to accept power and data connections. Boom arms are available in a number of different lengths to suit various road widths.

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