Automatic bollards have locking system as added security feature

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Southampton crimeAn official campaign is under way in Southampton to tell the south coast citizens that crime there is much lower than they think. Overall crime fell by more than a tenth last year, and violent incidents in the city centre at night time plummeted by nearly a third. The city dwellers are tending to think otherwise, therefore police and council chiefs in tackling the fear of crime are getting their message across that the city is safer, using an advertising campaign.

Access Control UK are leading providers of smart card and biometric systems and software for both large and small companies. They will not only make your workplace safer, but give your employees piece of mind too. A Windows™ based system, Tensor Access is modular in design, thus allowing you to add CCTV cameras and barrier devices, or leaving them as standalone. Our access control smart card system can be combined with your automatic bollards, enabling quick and easy raising and lowering of the post. Automatic bollards are highly resistant to impact and feature an anti-intrusion locking system.

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