Automatic bollards limit vehicle access to a specific outdoor location at a property

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annual boat race Public Order Act protest civil disobedience Access Control UK outdoor access control products intrude property Automatic bollards limit vehicle access smart cardA man was released on bail after holding up the annual boat race. Trenton Oldfield (35) was charged under the Public Order Act following his bizarre act of “protest”. Ahead of the race, he wrote in a blog called “Elitism leads to tyranny” that he wanted to cause “embarrassment and confusion” in a “protest, an act of civil disobedience. I am swimming into the boats in the hope I can stop them from completing the race.”

Access Control UK is a specialist in outdoor access control products that will make it extremely difficult for people to intrude into your property. Automatic bollards limit vehicle access to a specific location and can easily be lowered when passage is authorised, typically within 2-3 seconds. The automatic bollards are constructed out of concrete, stainless steel, aluminium or cast iron. An access control device, such as a smart card, can be combined with your automatic bollards, enabling quick and easy raising and lowering of the post.

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