Automatic car park barriers operate with site access or ticketing systems

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undersea cable damage theft Access Control UK outdoor security provision automatic car park barriers ready to accept power and data connections Boom arms impact release mechanism ticketing system siteSend in the marines – a cry usually heard in a war film – was instead issued in order to fix undersea cable damage caused by theft. The specialist marine engineers had to be called in to fix the fibre-optic because dumb copper cable thieves could not tell the difference. The work involved running a temporary sub-sea fibre cable across Loch Carron for two days, which allowed divers to carry out repairs to the permanent cable without having to interrupt services to BT customers.

Access Control UK covers all aspects of outdoor security provision. All our automatic car park barriers are supplied complete and are ready to accept power and data connections. Boom arms are available in a number of different lengths to suit various road widths. Optional extras include a folding arm mechanism, an impact release mechanism and hanging racks or barrier skirts. Furthermore, automatic barriers are capable of operating with any installed access control or ticketing systems at your site.

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