Biometric access control scanners can be added to same security network

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Metropolitan Police Service detective chief inspector Mick NevilleOne of the world’s most famous law enforcement agencies is celebrating how technology has aided the detection of criminals, improving some rates by 50%. Metropolitan Police Service detective chief inspector Mick Neville, who co-ordinates the Met’s video ID teams, commented: “While DNA or fingerprints will show the suspect being at the scene, CCTV will show the crime happening. It helps us to find other evidence or witnesses and assists the Court officials when assessing the sentence.” He added that CCTV and fingerprint evidence are vital forensic tools.

Access Control UK technology is a vital weapon in securing access to your premises. Each attempted access on a scanner via the use of smart cards is logged within the access control software allowing you to view and track employees’ movements across your site. In addition, they can be combined with biometric access control scanners enabling you to mix fingerprint reading and non-fingerprint reading access control on the same security network. CCTV cameras can also be added to provide total security coverage.

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