Biometric access scanners can successfully scan through dirt and grease

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Cumbria’s Assistant Chief Constable Jerry Graham Biometric access controlA senior police officer has urged people not to give thieves a chance now we are in summer time. British Summertime officially started when the clocks went back a fortnight ago. Unfortunately in the warmer weather it is tempting to leave doors and windows open – thus attracting opportunist criminals, says Cumbria’s Assistant Chief Constable Jerry Graham. He said: “We are urging people to be vigilant and secure their property, which will help prevent them from becoming a victim of crime.”

Businesses can secure their properties using Access Control UK’s door entry smart card and Biometric systems. Biometric access control is ideal for situations where irrefutable proof of a person’s identity is required. This technology, designed specifically for your access control system, actually reads below the surface layer of skin down to the live dermal layer where an individual’s true fingerprint resides. Our biometric scanners are particularly powerful as they can successfully scan through dirt and grease, which may otherwise contaminate the fingerprint and give a false reading.

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