Biometric scanners offer maximum security for your site

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London OlympicsThe London Olympics 2012 site, one of the biggest construction projects held in recent times in the United Kingdom, has had a few problems including a delay in implementing its security measures. Originally there were plans to introduce the latest face recognition and fingerprint access control technology controlling entry to the 2012 site at the earliest possible opportunity. But when work got underway last year on the phased building of a fence around the Olympic Park, an Olympic observer confirmed that the only security process in place was checking a few documents and a gang of security guards patrolling the site.

Rest assured that Access Control UK promises prompt delivery on its hi-tech access control products, which include biometric technology, or fingerprint recognition in addition to its smart cards. This particular brand is ultra-safe as our scanners read under the surface of the skin (sub dermal) when checking fingerprints, thus any scars, dirt or grease on the skin does not make any difference to the reading.

It would be nigh on impossible for unauthorised personnel to enter your premises or site when biometrics supplement our smart cards, so you can rely on Access Control UK.

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