Bollards are available to complete your depot security network

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scrap yards theft Black Country The authorities have been taking part in a second crack-down on junk yards allegedly storing or fencing stolen goods, from copper and gold to football posts. “Word travels fast,” said one officer who noticed this ‘bust’ was already having a deterrent effect. It follows a similar day of action on September 27 where scrap yards across the Black Country were targeted. In one town alone, Dudley, police carried out spot-checks on vans, inspected the borough’s 37 yards and visited 40 known offenders.

An access control system from Access Control UK is ideal for preventing thefts from your factory site or depot, and can control most standard types of internal and external electronic door locks and releases. The key role of gates and barriers is to prevent unauthorised access whilst providing minimum inconvenience to those who are permitted to enter. Access Control UK can provide you with a system that allows rapid communication enabling maximum flow capacity across multiple areas of your site. Heavy duty shutter doors and bollards are available to complete your security network.

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