Building access fobs read in under ½ second even if covered in oil and grease

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shop held up firearm perpetrators Detectives Contactless key fobs Access Control UK building entry system no onboard battery read infinite number of times in under ½ second covered in oil greaseA bookmakers shop was held up with what was believed to be a firearm. The perpetrators escaped with a three-figure sum of money after the incident that happened at around 7.20pm on Monday, October 22. No weapon was discharged on the suspected armed raid in Paisley, Scotland, but a 37-year-old male manager and a 21-year-old female assistant were left shaken. Detectives are calling for the public’s help with the crime.

Contactless key fobs are one of the access aids used to operate your Access Control UK building entry system. They give a constant read range and are unaffected by most external conditions. They contain no onboard battery, so theoretically, each fob has an infinite life and can be read an infinite number of times. When placed within range of your access control scanner, the key fob will be read in under ½ second, even if it is covered in oil and grease. This ensures quick scanning times and allows for fast throughput of staff.

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