Business access system has no limit on number of employees registered

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Claim crime will rise youth following Government cuts restrict unauthorised accessA council organisation says crime will rise and youth will suffer following Government cuts. Harrow Council says repercussions will be felt after around £150,000 was stripped out of its Youth Offending Team (YOT). The authority explained the YOT works with young people at risk of offending to try and steer them away from crime, and works with around 300 10 to 18 year olds a year. The council had previously planned cuts of £94,000 to members of staff at the YOT.

Crime affects businesses in many ways, but your firm can restrict unauthorised access using Access Control UK’s contactless smart card .NET systems. From one access control point to a multi-site network of scanners and clocks, your access control system is able to efficiently expand as your needs change. Suitable for any organisation, the Access Lite and Access Enterprise range is capable of controlling a network across borders and even continents. The system can operate physical security devices and there is no limit on number of employees registered.

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