How Businesses are Benefiting from Facial Recognition Access Control

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A facial recognition access control system is the ultimate level of building security and access restriction. It has the ability to instantly match a human face from a digital image or a video frame against a database of faces in order to grant or deny an individual access into a particular building or room. 

This article breaks down exactly what a facial recognition access control system is, how it works, its key features, and explains the benefits it has for businesses up and down the country. 

How facial recognition access control systems work

A facial recognition access control system is best placed at the entrance to your business/building or on the outside of a specific/access controlled room within your building.

Computer algorithms are used to pick out specific, distinctive details about a person’s face. Facial features such as the distance between the eyes or shape of the person’s chin are analysed and then these algorithms are converted into a mathematical representation and compared to data on other faces collected in a face recognition database. This advanced system includes live face detection so it is also able to differentiate between a real face and a photograph – meaning only authorised personnel can gain access into your building. 

Facial recognition access control is capable of working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has the ability to work at night time as well as during the harshest of weather conditions such as rain and snow, should it be placed on the outside of a building. 

Benefits of facial recognition access control for businesses

A facial recognition access control system provides businesses with a huge range of security benefits. In addition to the maximum level of access control security available, facial recognition offers unrivalled access control software as well as being completely contactless to ensure your business is a safe and hygienic place to work. These benefits are:

Maximum access control security

The maximum level of security for your business and/or building is reached with a facial recognition access control system. The main reason for this is due to them not requiring the use of smart cards or fingerprints and completely rely on facial features alone, absolutely guaranteeing that no unauthorised personnel gain access to your building or specific room. 

Facial recognition access control systems eliminate employees being able to clock each other in and out of shifts, while also ensuring that your business and place of work is safe by allowing only authorised people to be on site. Not only this but smart cards, used with smart card access control systems can often be lost or misplaced by employees meaning new ones have to be produced as replacements. 

Leading access control software

Tensor’s facial recognition access control system is supported by our WinAC.NET access control software suite. 

WinAC.NET is a secure and dynamic access control software suite that is a vital part of the make-up of Tensor’s facial recognition access control system. It provides quick and easy access to information on your PC or mobile and gives you the ability to control a single door and identification point, all the way through to a fully computerised networked facial recognition access control system. It allows you to control most types of internal and external electronic, magnetic door releases and devices, making full use of all facial recognition location points, whether in full view or hidden out of sight.

Contactless facial recognition access control 

It is, now more than ever, vitally important that businesses have safety measures in place to keep their employees safe at work following the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. Helping to combat viruses and other unwanted diseases, a facial recognition access control system can guarantee a completely touch-free and contactless method for employees to clock in and out of work.

If you would like more information regarding Tensor’s facial recognition access control systems, or if you are interested in getting a quote for your site, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

businesses benefiting from facial recognition access control

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