Businesses quickly equipped with integrated effective secure car park barriers

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Thieves attempting to rob a store Police raid Access Control UK equip businesses smart card door entry systems turnstile and barrier technology integrated effective security car park barriers deny access Thieves allegedly tried to use two diggers while attempting to rob a store. Police are investigating the matter that one JCB-style vehicle ran out of fuel, forcing the gang to steal another one. The machine used during the incident in Carmarthenshire, which smashed glass and damaged roofing, was taken from a nearby DIY merchant. The digger was pictured outside the supermarket in the aftermath of the raid.

Access Control UK does not just equip businesses with smart card door entry systems – turnstile and barrier technology can be integrated to give total control over who is allowed access. As well as an effective method of security, our car park barriers double up as a way of monitoring the amount of vehicles travelling through any given access point. Immediately able to recognise and allow or deny access to personnel, the barriers cater for all sizes of premises and are highly adaptable. All automatic barriers are supplied complete and are ready to accept power and data connections.

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