Cast iron or aluminium parking posts work well in a corporate environment

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stolen metal Access Control UK technology prevent access to outdoor as well as indoor sites parking posts cast iron or aluminiumAn undercover operation has revealed the extent to which rogue scrap dealers are willing to launder stolen metal. The illicit trade, which is worth an estimated millions of pounds, causes all sorts of knock-on effects when cable is stolen from power or rail lines. An ex-metal thief demonstrated how easy it was to get rid of stolen metal. Known as ‘Jim’, he told BBC London: “There’s never any questions asked at the scrapyard, no identification asked, sign here, do what you like.”

Access Control UK technology can prevent access to outdoor as well as indoor sites, however small or big. Very popular in the reservation of car parking spaces, parking posts are widely used where access to small areas is required to be restricted. Characterised by a strong contoured design, all supplied parking posts are key operated from the top and are bolted securely into the ground. Made from either cast iron or aluminium, parking posts work equally well whether in a home or corporate environment.

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