CCTV software multi site viewing facility makes depot security management more efficient

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stolen scrap metal Access Control CCTV coverage evidence quality digital multi-site viewing Officers from the Environment Agency joined police in checking depots and other locations across the north of England which may have been carrying stolen scrap metal. Phase one of the operation started during the traditional time for police raids – early morning – with stop and search checks on vehicles in Barrow-in-Furness. During a two-hour period, 36 vans, lorries and cars were stopped by officers in an operation that was part of National Scrap Metal Day.

An access control system from Access Control UK involves both exterior and interior installation for protection of your property and staff. The system is completely bespoke and can be used to control doors, and access control turnstiles, barriers and bollards. CCTV coverage involving evidence quality digital footage can be added, and the CCTV software site tree facility allows servers and individual cameras to be accessed quickly. Furthermore, the inclusion of the multi-site viewing facility makes the management of sites more efficient and responses to events even quicker.

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