Companies lacking a front desk can use unmanned reception console

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force crime Police and Crime Commissioner Home Office Access Control UK Visitor Management Systems building door access workplace barring unauthorised visitors Companies Unmanned Reception ConsoleA police force has warned “unfair funding” may boost crime in its vicinity. The new Police and Crime Commissioner of West Midlands Bob Jones said the force he controls had lost out on more than £270m of central funding in seven years. In response the Home Office said the ‘damping’ process, which imposes a series of limits for funding the UK’s 43 police forces, was currently being reviewed. The result of this review was expected within a month.

Access Control UK includes Visitor Management Systems (VMS) among its building door access technology which tackles crime at the workplace by barring unauthorised visitors. Companies that do not have a front desk receptionist can take advantage of the VMS Unmanned Reception Console. This is operated via touch screen technology only. Visitors with appointments can book themselves in and out and the back office can contact their host upon their arrival. This can be done manually or the host can be automatically notified by email.

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