Compound Photonics could up to 200 new jobs at former RF Micro Devices plant

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RF Micro Devices’ manufacturing facility in Newton Aycliffe is set to be sold to Compound Photonics, a US headquartered technology company, a deal that, beside safeguarding employment at the site, could also lead to the creation of up to 200 jobs.

Compound Photonics will use the 53-acre site and its 50,000 sq ft semiconductor manufacturing capabilities to produce green, red and infrared lasers.
“Compound Photonics will soon release projector products for mobile devices that are three times brighter and smaller than current state of the art,” said chief executive Jonathan Sachs.
“To achieve these next generation levels of performance we need to vertically integrate the design and manufacture of the entire light engine. This acquisition will bring in-house the manufacturing capabilities for the lasers required to power these engines” the company’s chief also commented.
He added: “The skilled and experienced people, the fab with its toolset, supply chain, mature processes, and a track record of high volume production are ready made for our laser production.”
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