Contactless smart cards with bespoke labels help firms fight crime

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Petty theft firms crime businesses Access Control UK Smart Card based Access Control Systems. Contactless cards scanners consistent read range bespoke label photograph of employeePetty theft is a bugbear to four in five firms who were surveyed and this turned out to be their biggest problem, according to research done by an insurance company. The cost of crime overall to large businesses across the UK was an average of £40,000 in 2011, with an expectation it will rise to £62,000 this year. As government figures this week confirmed that unemployment is rising, that may explain the gloomy predictions picked up by researchers RSA.

Access Control UK can help your firm fight crime with our Smart Card based Access Control Systems. Contactless cards or key fobs are used to operate your system. Reliable RF (radio frequency) technology is used to power your access control scanners guaranteeing a consistent read range. Each smart card is assigned to an individual employee and can be affixed with a bespoke label denoting the name and photograph of the employee along with any other details you wish to have printed.

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