Corporate software and scanner allows the set up of a biometric login

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personal data council security breach theft PC banking details Access Control UK USB port biometric control scanners corporate computing fingerprint captured set up a biometric login Customers who are worried their personal data is compromised by a council security breach are urged to get in touch. Everyone affected by the theft of a PC which contained information relating to 17,692 companies and 20,143 individuals will be contacted by Glasgow City Council anyway. A full internal audit is being carried out and the council apologised for the error. It reminded customers that no council representative would ever visit their home or phone them to ask for banking details.

Access Control UK’s range of USB port biometric control scanners have revolutionised access control for your computer. Each subsequent attempt to access the system requires the fingerprint of the user to be captured again and processed into a digital template. That template is then compared to those existing on the database to determine if there is a match. If a match is made, the user is granted access. Using the software that comes with the T4220 scanner allows you to set up a biometric login.

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